Slow Down

by Corey B. Buckner

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Slow Down
Slow... Down...

Sit in your living room and listen to a full album. Don't skip to the next song, don't fast forward to "the good part". Just sit and listen, track by track and let the artist tell you their story as he or she intended to.

Slow Down

Stream your favorite television series, watch every single episode and don't skip the introduction. Don't fast forward through the slow parts, don't skip the episodes you don't like, and don't skip through the credits. Just relax and watch. Consume the series as it was intended to be watched.

Slow Down. Stop rushing through life. The world still moves at one second per second, and so should you. Stop cramming four seconds into one: holding the steering wheel with your left hand while holding your breakfast sandwich with your right while answering a call with your hands-free device while hoping to hear a few seconds of your audio book Before arriving at work.

Talking and

Four seconds in one

Laying in bed listening about your spouse's day while you eat dinner and binge watch a show you love while checking your social media mentions; four seconds in one.

Taking an afternoon walk while taking a work call through your earpiece while checking emails for your side business on your phone while trying to figure out what you will make for dinner when you get home.

Four seconds in one


Wake up in the morning and leave your mobile device on the dresser. Leave the TV off and leave the streaming music player silent. Wake up and breathe. Go to the bathroom in silence, look out the window in silence, put your shirt on in silence, put your pants on in silence. Put your socks on in silence, put your shoes on in silence, then go for a walk... in silence. That's right, leave your phone at home and learn to be at peace in silence.

15-second swipes are cool, but so is 15 seconds of silence. Yet the former has waged war against the latter, vowing to make its chosen sworn enemy extinctp; while the latter poses no such aggression to the former. Chirps, streams and beeps compete with sleep, going as far as to call our method of recharging and replenishing its competitor.

Slow Down.

Learn the sound of silence because what we call "silence" is merely the absence of artificial noise. We call wind rustling the leaves on trees silence. We call birds chirping silence. We call our own noticeable breathes heard through our own ears silence. We call the sound of our footsteps repeatedly hitting the pavement silence; and we hate it. That "silence" is deafening to us. So slow down and learn to appreciate what we call silence.

The world still progresses at one second per second. Stop trying to live four seconds for every one. Those three extra seconds that you are being asked to cram into every one, they aren't for you and they aren't for your benefit. They aren't additions to the one second that belongs to you, they are exponential subtractions robbing from you the second that does belongs to you. Thus, leaving you with a deficit, an attention deficit, at the rate of negative three to one.

Slow Down

You are going into debt with the seconds that are left for you. For each one second you are losing three seconds of your life. Not of life; you are losing three seconds per second Of YOUR life by trying to live tThree second per second for everyone else, and losing three seconds per second or every one second that belongs to you.
Slow down.
Breathe. Sit down and just breathe. Hear nature's chorus sing in perfect three-part harmony as you inhale and exhale and hear your breaths blend perfectly with the wind that blows through the trees and the wind that blows through the grass. Harmony. Inhale... exhale... Harmony.

Slow down
Turn the electricity off in your house, open the windows, and let the sun be your light. Grab a pencil and a sketch pad, or grab a pen and a journal. Leave your messages unread and your notifications unchecked and your focus unbothered as you feel the connections between your fingers and the pencil, or your fingers and the pen and your outer palm and the paper. Let the sound of your writing utensil gliding across your paper be converted into thoughts as you turn those moments into memories. Leave this world for a little while and fall into a work of art that is being created by your hands. A physical work of art.

Then return to this world refreshed and renewed with something beautiful that you have brought back with you. Like an explorer returning to his or her homeland showing off the wonders that they uncovered on their travels. Leave this world, slow down and leave this world, and fall into your own.

Press your fingers on the keys of your piano. Make music, new music that the world has never heard before. Experience that experience of being the only person who has ever heard your amazing new song as you press fingertips on keys or strum them across strings. Enjoy the solitude of being the first to discover a chord pattern or chord progression that soon the whole world will know and love.

Slow down. Leave this world and go find that for us. Slow down and find that beauty and splendor and bing it back for us. Slow Down. Stop living four seconds in one, and focus on the one second per second that matters.

Slow Down

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