an episodic journal by Corey B. Buckner

Our Son, Legend, has Passed Away

by Corey B. Buckner

A "person" becomes a "legend" because the stories about his or her life and the impact that it has on others and the world we live in far exceeds the number of days that they lived. Our son, Legend Love Buckner, will forever live on as a legend on this earth; and his impact will be felt well beyond his life, my life, and the lives of his mother, five siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts. I am saddened to share the news with you all that my wife's and my son Legend Love Buckner has passed away.

In his passing, it is important to me that everyone understands that our son Legend was not just a pregnancy that did not go to full term. He is a person. Legend existed in human form and both his spirit and soul continue to exist in the same way that all of our spirits and souls will exist when we pass away. Consume that thought for me please, that Legend's human body actually exists in physical form on this earth. Our son received a natural childbirth just like you and I. His body was seen by human eyes, he was touched and held by his parents and other living breathing human beings. The physical mass of the planet earth has been altered by his existence in physical form. Legend's heart beat millions of times as he consumed the nourishment of this planet.

Just as we all one day will return to the dust from which we were formed; let it be known that the future dust on this planet will, in some small portion, be comprised of the ashes of our son that lived.

As the stories continue to be told about our son, who was affectionately known as "Bump"; he will in fact become legendary. As Tamekia, I and others share the stories we had with him both inside and outside of the womb; more of you will experience his life through words as opposed to the very limited few who were blessed to touch his skin, hold his body and speak directly to him. This reality cements our son's status as a legend. You will know him through the stories we tell of him and the memorabilia that commemorates his life. This is the very definition of a LEGEND.

Make no mistake about it, though our son will live on as a LEGEND; he is not a MYTH. He is real. He is as real as you and I. He is a real person who lived his life according to God's plan for it. His soul lives on with God now and will be waiting to greet his family when it is time for each of us to join him in the life that comes after this one.

There are eight of us now. My family is now a perfectly blended family of eight. We are now seven physical bodies bonded together by the eighth one of us who now lives on in the spirit. I promise you this; our son will not be forgotten and the impact of his life will forever be felt. The love with which his life was created has been strengthened by his existence; and likewise our love for him grows stronger every day.

So, to our son, Legacy Love Buckner; I would like to say this. Thank you for being with us. Your physical presence will be missed; but in spirit you will always be loved, and will forever be with us in our hearts and minds. We love you and look forward to seeing you again in the next life after this one.

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