About Me

I don't paint pictures, I create art.

I can paint pictures; of this fact I have "Proof.", but we have cameras now. Technology has provided us with hardware and software to more efficiently and precisely replicate the real world that lives outside of our minds. Why paint an apple when you can take a picture of an apple and print as many copies in as many sizes as you desire. Even better than that, you can grab, hold and consume one; so what is the logical reason for creating or owning a painting of an apple? But what lives inside my mind is hidden from the physical world behind my eyes only visible to the world outside of my imagination when they escape through my hands onto canvases. Not even words can replicate what exists in m heads as even the most accurate description possible will create different images in the minds of each listener of said description. I can't just tell you what exists in my imagination; I have to show you. For this reason, I don't paint pictures; but instead, I choose to create art born of my imagination.

I have infinite respect for painted pictures and photorealistic painted replications of life. But when I consider committing a hundred hours of my life to a single canvas, I don't personally find much fulfillment in producing an image that my camera can capture and reproduce infinitely in a matter of seconds. My greatest artistic fulfillment comes from replicating the non-visible people, creatures and worlds that exist only in my head. I want to bring the beings and scenarios that exist in my head out of my non-physical thoughts and into the physical and material world to be shared with you. For me, that is a much better investment of hundreds of hours of my life.

My art is a compilation of my thoughts and my imaginations. They are storytelling devices that extend beyond the limitation of language and speak directly to the hearts and minds of the observers. My art eliminates the needs for words because it communicates with you in ways that cannot be achieved with language. My art creates a bridge over the limitations of speaking and hearing and provides you with an unfiltered experience in what I see, feel, and imagine underneath my tongue, beneath my skin and behind my eyes.

Thus, when you think of it logically, the painted canvases, sculptures, and other forms of art that I produce are a way for me to literally leave my thoughts with this world even after I am gone. My art is my mind, and I want to share both with you.