by Corey B. Buckner

CSG Implants

This was a short-lived rebranding project that I led with the primarily focus of tying the lab's services to their popular Chariside Shade Guide™.

CSG Implants by LSK121 Oral Prosthetics is an innovative new way to achieve life-like oral restorations with esthetic excellence. World-renowned Ceramist Luke S. Kahng has worked tirelessly for more than a decade to overcome the short-comings that exist in the dental industry as it relates to maintaining convenient, adequate communication between dentists and laboratories. While other laboratories remained content with the constant mistakes, remakes, and loss of professional time that are necessary when communication between dentists and laboratories are less than adequate; Luke S. Kahng, CDT set out to improve the industry by improving communication.

Focusing on the goal of decreasing remakes and the amount of time it takes to complete esthetically-pleasing and life-like oral restorations, Luke invested countless hours researching solutions. What has emerged as a result of this research on thousands of individual patient cases and experimentation with numerous options for improved communication is LSK121's CSG Implants. CSG Implants combine state of the art tools with the exclusive experience that he has obtained as one of the world's foremost technicians handling some of the world's most difficult restoration cases and simplifies communication while giving a vastly more diverse set of communication options when compared to traditional systems.

CSG Implants is the restoration system that both dentists and laboratories need to effectively communicate with one another and give patient's the best results possible. Find out more about CSG Implants at [website removed].

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