by Corey B. Buckner

Click On Smile™

This is graphics, copy and advertising work that I did for a new product launch.

Click On Smile™ is a highly aesthetic, tooth-borne retention provisional that mimics the life-like qualities of natural teeth. Because of its affordable price and long-term viability, a Click On Smile provisional by LSK121 Oral Prosthetics can serve as both a short-term or long-term provisional solution for patients. Click On SmileTM is comprised of milled acetyl resin, making it a more cosmetic, more durable and more stain-resistant solution when compared to acrylic. Click On SmileTM can be used to close spaces between patients' teeth and cover crooked and uneven teeth. Additionally, Click On SmileTM is an excellent cosmetic solution for covering, cracks, stains and other issues with patients' teeth. The convenience of Click On SmileTM provides patients' with the opportunity to experience a new look without the cost of a fixed restoration.


  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible option prior to making the long-term commitment of implants
  • Suitable as either a long or short-term provisional solution
  • Highly-estheic and life-like
  • Non-Invasive solution
  • Enhance the cosmetics of patients' smiles
  • More stain resistant than acrylic


  • Long-term provisional restoration
  • Short-term provisional restoration
  • Cosmetic enhancement without tooth preparation

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