by Corey B. Buckner

Titan Partials™

This is a launch email and social media ad that I wrote and designed for LSK121. I also designed the logo for this product.

"Titan Partials" is our exciting new prosthetic option that will revolutionize how we provide dental patients with strong and durable temporary metal restorations. While being stronger than chrome cobalt, Titan Partials' titanium frameworks are seventy percent lighter, thereby reducing the total weight of these restorations in the patients' mouths. Additionally, unlike chrome cobalt, Titan Partials are flexible. Despite their added flexibility, the titanium used to make our Titan partials is stronger than the chrome cobalt used in other temporary restorations. Another added benefit of our Titan Partials is their tastelessness; eliminating the undesirable metallic taste associate with temporary metal partials made with chrome cobalt. Finally, for people who previously couldn't enjoy the strength and durability of metal temporary partials due to metal allergies, our titanium-based Titan Partials are hypoallergenic.

If you are interested in trying Titan Partials or you would like to discuss this exciting and innovative new temporary partial solution, contact us today at or 888.405.1238

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